Tuesday, January 13, 2015


                                                                       ORIENTATION FOR MYSTICAL ENDEAVOUR:

(1)   To enter into the forest or some place of natural

(2)  Find a place there, a place that
      emanates home & power & kind welcome.

(3)  Sit in this place and let my feelings enter into
       the ground, to feel the earth and smooth rock
of the Laurentian Shield....To place my hand flat
upon the rock and  feel the memory of the rock for 
at least 500 feet beneath my hand, to enter into the earth
with my heart and soul and mind. And to let the
earth enter into me.

(4) To feel the dawn slowly rise, to feel its warmth
rise within me, to feel the dawn within me.

(5)  to say a prayer to God and the gods of the place,
to ask for strength from the guardian spirits,
to hail the saints and bodhisattvas, whose consciousness
envelops the earth, surrounds our mother planet
as the atmosphere surrounds her, to surround our globe
just as the atmosphere surrounds us, and as
part of the atmosphere.

(6) To see the moon rise and to let the light of the moon
slowly grow and glow withing me

(&) To be an atom and a crucible and  and an empty
      vessel for the All and the conscious speaking of
      the mother and the father God...

               This is a good beginning.
                     For the first day.


                                                           The School For Mystics, (C) 2014 by W.G. Milne

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